Day: June 20, 2018

We Sell Guitar Merchandise The Legendary Band Korn

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For lovers of alternative metal bands would know about the type of Ibanez Type Apex100 guitars that Korn band often used when appearing? You can also have Ibanez Apex100 Munky Signature merchandise because we sell them with the following specifications

Specifications Ibanez Apex100 Munky Signature (Guitarist Korn Guitar)

The guitar introduced by Ibanez in 2011 was created as a signature series for American musicians who are familiar as guitarists bang Korn, James “Munky” Shaffer. The 7 string guitar is in lieu of the previously introduced Apex1 series. With a body made of Alder and neck made from 5-Piece Maple by way of grafting AANJ guitar. On this guitar fingerboard wear rosewood material and there are 24 frets jumbo decorated Small Pearl Dot.

The guitar pickup uses one pickup humbuckers and one single-coil pickup from DiMarzio Blaze with a 3-Way Blade style switch arrangement. In addition to this Ibanez Apex100 Munky Signature guitar was also armed with Lo Pro Edge 7 with U-Bar. The attractive U-Bar is designed by Head and Munky which allows the Palming bridge to get a tremolo effect without Palming tuner. This Japanese production guitar appears in a Tri Fade Burst color variant only and sold for $2.100.

Guitarist Korn considers Chester Bennington a coward

The news of the death of Chester Bennington with suicide techniques not only cause sorrow for the fans of Linkin Park. My fellow musicians also enjoyed the same pain. However, among Chester’s friends who are guitarists Korn band, Brian ‘Head’ Welch, did not really enjoy the same thing.

Even as rumored, Thursday (20/7/2017), guitarist as well as among the founders of Korn is boldly complained about the actions of Chester Bennington in finishing his life to leave the family and all the loyal fans of Linkin Park.

The phrase is said by Brian ‘Head’ Welch through social media up his property. “To be honest, Chester is an old friend who has walked with me many times, and I have friends who are closest to him, but this really created me upset!” he wrote Friday (07/21/2017).

The dreadlocked guitarist went on: “How can these people send this message to the children and their fans ?! I’m sick of this suicide! I once fought against depression / mental illness, and I struggled to sympathize, already upset! Enough! Giving up with children, all fans, and your life is a cowardly rising path! ”

Despite the rough spread, but Brian ‘Head’ Welch had no intention to denounce the late Chester Bennington. This is seen in the next sentence. “I do not mean to be sensitive to Chester, just deal with the many emotions of today,” he said.

The metal musician blocked his grief on Chester with a sweet farewell word. “I love you, Chester. I’m upset because you did this, but I know this can lead me to go home to the day after being wasted in a night,” he continued.

As written, Thursday (20/07/2017), local times, Chester Bennington found local police in the atmosphere killed at his residence in Los Angeles, United States. Linkin Park’s vocalist is thought to have died because of suicide. TMZ reported that the 41-year singer ended his life by hanging himself.

Chester Bennington is one of Linkin Park’s vocalists in addition to Mike Shinoda. Band from California, United States, is known as a famous group since the 2000s. Linkin Park’s latest album, One More Light, successfully topped the Billboard 200 at the start of this year. Until now, Linkin Park was still known as an alternative rock band