Day: July 11, 2018

Flashback Korn Band Group Story

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This legendary group of bands has been a generation from the metal music revolution. They seem to pursue a new type of music that uses not least once a strange distortion sound. This legendary group of bands has been a generation from the metal music revolution. They seem to pursue a new type of music that uses not least once a strange distortion sound. This combination is actually present from the results of the effects of the guitarist James Shaffer (Munky), combined with bassist Reggie Arvizu (Fieldy) bassist who is most skilled at playing the rhythm between funk and alternative, reproduced the drummer’s blow, David Silveria, improvise wearing his strings and hihat. Not to mention reproduced astonishing noises like a new language that is often shouted from the vocalist’s mouth, Jonathan Davis.


Based on information from their history in 1989 in their hometown, Bakersfield, USA, Fieldy, Munky and David composed a band with a silly name, namely L.A.P.D. (Love And Peace Dude). Due to a dead end and the only way in the world was the three of them concluded to move to Orange County, a town that at that time was notorious for giving birth to rocker seeds. Assisted by a top local vocalist with name Richard Morral, the trio began to circulate with destinations tensile attraction in night clubs around the area Huntingdon Beach while aspiring ogled by any record label label and also have their own fans. Since the move they have also been busy meeting every time during the day by working to survive in the new city.

After continuing to fight finally they are circulated by an indie label has name Triple X Records. One of the owners the company had the name Dean Nateway claimed had run out of sense to handle all of these personnel. Because they have names with Peace parts, but they often work silly things that always create people around them annoyed and do not affix sympathy to them. But as well as the musical talent that continues to flow the name L.A.P.D success penetrate to continental Europe. One new challenge arises when there is a mobile tour plan. The owner, Dean disputes their feared attitude will bring disaster when the tour.

This polemic turned out to be a threat to Richard’s vocalist. Instead the trio 11view their attitude is not a problem, but it is believed it is a sensation that is unique bias the attention of a wide audience. Seeing the negative response of all endless personnel reinforcements come too. Triple X Records concluded to undo the contract, reproduced again with the vocalist Richard who concluded leave from L.A.P.D. They did not run out of their minds to continue their work in the music world by calling friends their home town Brian Welch (Head) to join as a tandem Munky playing guitar and naming the new quartet band to Creep. With this double-guitar arrangement they begin to make louder music sounds with different styles, both of which alternate with play leads and rhytem.

New Formation

Then they work on improving the order by placing an ad in each place in an attempt to unearth the vocalist. But they have not found a voice character that fits with their type of music even though it has auditioned dozens of vocalists. They also concluded to return to the hamlet page, Bakersfield. On the way back, the four of them stopped at a resting bar and suddenly gobbled up watching the stage action and astonishing sound character that came out of the vocalist’s mouth had the name Jonathan Davis. Jonathan at that time still joined a band has name SexArt which is not uncommon times carries similar music with Pearl Jam and is a keeper in the bar. In addition to the very strange , Jonathan survived by working as an assistant autopsy (post-mortem). So the band SexArt is a side job to eliminate the boredom of taking care of the corpses of each day.

Despite earlier noticing the noisy songs played by the Creep Quartet, Jonathan levied the risk of joining Fieldy et al. After two weeks Jonathan was legitimately sworn in as a new vocalist, they started a new career by recording a demo of 4 songs, two of which are popular songs now, Daddy and Blind. One last problem that blocked is the name Creep which according to their description does not match the type of music they create. Until at one point, when Jonathan tells a funny story for other personnel about his gay townspeople who always deliver corn, which is a parable word for a sex aids tool for all gays. Every John delivered the word dictionary Corn, then all the personnel are not infrequent times laughing endlessly. Coupled with rombak here and there, then from here was created the now legendary Korn in all the world.

Such compactness led to a successful album has the name “Korn” in 1994. In 1996 they came home released the album “Life Is Peachy”. The success grew as they published their follow-up album “Follow The Leader” in 1998. A recent memory of Korn was registered in 2002 where they successfully released the album “Untouchables” with the last complete arrangement. Because in 2005 suddenly came the shocking news that the guitarist Brian (Head) Welch, rises from korn with a religious-religious argument.

Based on Brian’s statement he resigned because he wanted to deepen his religious knowledge as a Christian and not because of any problems with all other colleagues. Ironically Korn remains motivated to continue his vision of being the top band in the world, with the release of another new album “See You On The Other Side”, in 2007. This time the sounds of the music they show do not sound much different. The guitarist, Munky, seemed to not get the challenge loaded with the absence of guitar shuffle from Head. Then until now they just finished the newest album “Evolution” in the beginning of July yesterday. And they write will soon circulate it starting July 31, 2007.