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Korn Will Tour With a 12Year Old Replacement Bassist And You Should Have This Limited Edition T-shirt

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Korn will tour with a 12-year-old replacement bassist

assists Korn, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu was reportedly unable to take part in the Korn tour in South America, at the end of April, because of an “unexpected situation.”

Based on this situation, Korn picked up an interesting decision. They involve Tye Trujillo, a 12-year-old son as a replacement bassist.

Although only 12 years old, Tye Trujillo had amazing bass playing skills. He was none other than the son of Metallica’s bassist, Robert Trujillo, and personnel from a music group consisting of children, The Helmets.

“We are disappointed Fieldy can not join us on this tour, but we are about to play on stage with young musicians like Tye. We look forward to the return of our brother FIeldy in May, “Korn wrote in a confession they uploaded to Facebook.

From a search on YouTube, Tye did play smooth bass. Her presence in Korn’s ranks would have been unique and gave new empirical to the young bassist.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Robert Trujillo praised his son’s play, “My son is a spectacular bass player and a great songwriter. The line bass and riff that he created me said, ‘Crazy, I aspire I can make a bass line like that when I’m playing qiu qiu online with friends while listening to Led Zeppelin. We also listened to Queens of the Stones Age and Tool. He absorbed the whole genre of music. He likes funk. He likes James Brown, he is a 12-year-old boy who appreciates all the various music and according to my information it helped his creativity, in the matter of songwriting in his band. ”

Tye started playing guitar at the age of six. The funny thing is, Tye on a number of occasions often indicates his expression of pop music.

“We hate pop, we think it’s low,” Tye told Billboard last year.

Together with his group, The Helmets, Tye plays rock music. Tye performed at least six concerts on the Korn tour in South America, from April 17 to 27, 2017. She fulfilled the void of Korn’s bass line when she appeared in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

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The History of The Godfather of NuMetal “KoЯn”

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The story of KoRn began about 15 years ago. Exactly when Fieldy, Munky, and David, who both born Bakersfield, California, United States, agreed to compose a band and a career in the music track. Not so now, the band named L.A.P.D (short for Love And Peace Dude) was already struggling in the funky path of choice semodel Faith No More or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Had a successful drink at the American and European countries, L.A.P.D career stalled after releasing one album, Whoà ¢ â,¬â “¢ s Laughing Now? (1991). The cause is no different because the behavior of all personnel are “magical”. Their true hobby is damaging their own backstage. Even more miraculous, they see it as an effective technique for publication and media attention!

Of course the affairs are troublesome all parties involved. Management and, of course, the labels that overshadow them. Until at one point, the label can not take it anymore then immediately concluded the contract. Termination of the contract also has an effect on the dissolution of L.A.P.D arrangement, which is actually the most promising. Their lead vocalist, Richard Morral, was under severe stress, and immediately resigned.

Fortunately, losing the label contract plus the vocalist did not discourage. They persist in continuing their ideals. In fact, with confident Fieldy cs recruited Brian Welch, a friend who often became their roadies when L.A.P.D still triumphant, to be used as a tandem Munky in the guitar sector. Along with the entry of Brian, they also agreed to process the color of the music that was carried. From the funk of choice to a more aggressive metal. Through an unplanned encounter, this quartet finally chases the right person to fill the vocalist position. Jonathan Davis is his name. Also, the birth of Bakersfield, a boy who at that time had a permanent job as a post-mortem assistant at the Kern County corpse’s residence, was found while performing on stage with his band SexArt. Impressed by Jon’s appearance and voice that night, Fieldy cs just concluded to “plow” him into their vocalist. It did not take long, Jon immediately said, “Yes!”

The choice that indeed, in the end, proves to be at least wrong. The reason, in addition to have a voice that is so united with the music Fieldy cs, Jon also had a myriad of later life plus a fairly dark empirical life. Experiences that can be dug and then used as a source of inspiration for a row of lyrics of their songs later.

Hot because dark

It was this meeting that finally made their music so unique. How come? Groove-groove nuanced funky, which around it feels more fitting to accompany the music nuanced cheerful, combined with a distorted guitar tape deliberately created low-sized wrap the lyrics that are not at all cheerful, but instead on the contrary, the darkest and gripping. At that time, with the exception of Creep (their name before it was finally processed into KoRn), no single band also advanced with such a contrast combination.

That’s it. Three years after the meeting, KoRn’s debut album was also launched. Capitalized by the singles of Blind and Daddy, their appearance seemed to open a tap for a new kind of metal wave: NuMetal / hip-metal!
Yes. Not long afterwards, the stages and formulations combined by all KoRn personnel were instantly imitated by various bands. The use of a seven string guitar is a must for metal guitarists. The straight forward lyrics whose content is only about pain, anger, roar, and melancholy are a must for vocalists. And every bass or drummer he wants to work on should be able to form grooves like all hip hop, R & B or funky musicians!

Jago organizes concerts

Apparently they are also good at organizing concerts. Later, their work became one of the successful concert examples because of its unique packaging. Named Family Values ​​Tour (FVT), the annual tour began in 1998. Until now, FVT is still ongoing and is in the waiting arrangement of metalheads in America each year.

The specialty of this tour is not different because of the strength of all the performers. Although not too diverse, but the line up that formed Jonathan cs can represent two camps that had felt opposite each other: metal and hip hop. For the first round of 1998, in addition to their own, Jonathan cs took Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, Orgy, and Rammstein.

In addition to the performers, the sympathetic attitude shown by KoRn as the executor who created this event drew so few audiences and became a highly anticipated tour arrangement. Just imagine. For a 6-7 hour long serving with patent performers plus a magnificent laser and stage attraction, audiences are all charged with a 30 dollar equivalent ticket. For comparison, the price of tickets for the same type of concert at that time is the cheapest between 75-85 US dollars!

Of course this affair increasingly catapulted KoRn’s name in the eyes of all metal fans. Their allegiance to the fans is very clear. So is their position that is felt “honorable” one of the other bands. As the third album, Follow The Leader (1998), launched, KoRn has become practically a kind of Godfather of NuMetal!

Yep. Whether or not it is realized, KoRn joins into a band-of-the-band group on the way. Bands that no longer need a number one hit in many countries to be recognized. The band did not really care that the album no longer scored sales of millions of copies, but the bands were often the inspiration of other bands to do the same. Bands are there for fans and not infrequently times oriented to fans’ satisfaction!

Working on your own album

Armed with the band-of-the-band basic principles (as well as a little bit of the bad experiences of Untouchables) that, almost throughout 2003 was drained by Jonathan cs in the studio, formulating make Take A Look In The Mirror.
No longer helped by producers outside the bandà ¢ â,¬â € œsame as they used to do in the previous five albumsà ¢ â,¬â € œ this time all the process they made themselves do. Starting from the formulation of concepts, composing the basic composition, until the whole arrangement. Jonathan is then asked to take control of all production processes.

“Ah, I never felt like a leader of the band. KoRn always belongs to us together. And therefore each has the right to be the boss. My position during the creation of Take A Look …, is practically merely a cheerleader. That encourages and encourages friends to do their best! “Denied Jonathan.
What is also mentioned by Jonathan, which is clear, such work patterns proved successful. At least, according to information from Jonathan, more timely and costly, with equal results, can even be more than reached through Untouchables.

“We no longer rely on the magnificent open chorus, but rather pass away on the jerking riffs, which became our characteristic around this,” Fieldy explained.

“Yes. During the creation of this album, we were not rarely oriented to stage performances. You see, the lessons from Untouchables proved more dull onstage than fun for the fans! “Munky said fiercely.

“(Music) KoRn is for KoRn fans!” Said Jonathan. “We do not care how little our album will be sold later. Want ten million, ten thousand, or just ten pieces also baseball will make no difference to us. The important thing is that we and our fans are sure to be happy and satisfied with what we have done! “He added.

BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH’S Repentance, The Metal Musical Gitaries KoRn

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In February 2005, the Korn Management, the beloved metal band in the world today, issued a legitimate statement that their guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch, had left the band to devote himself to living in the Christian faith. So that everything does not become confusing Brian then explain the reason for the fans and his bandmates.


“I love the band, I’m actually afraid to leave this band. This created me sadly if I had to think that my decision would create your band hurt. For the past year and a half, I have been intent on overhauling everything, but somebody keeps pushing me to stay in the band, “Welch said. “But I had an inner conflict since the recording of the second album, I mean, we can do something and we can be revered like ‘Oh, here’s metal music! Here’s a rock and roll life!’ But actually, they are too far-off, very annoying to me ”

Welch writes that the recognition issued by Korn’s management refracts from the real atmosphere, and that the discovery of faith in Christ is not merely a twist of life in the discovery of his true self. That is not why Korn, the band that has been acting since 1993, a band that has sold more than 11 million albums in America.


“I have a 6 year old daughter, and I want her to be a useful person in my eyes. I am a single parent, that is what makes me “he said” And my colleagues most accommodate what I feel and say to them, then they offer ‘just bring your son when your tour band! we will help with your child ‘but it is not a convenient location for 6-year-olds. Indeed he will sit nicely behind the stage, while counting the dollars he receives, because there will be who gave him dollars if he wants to sit sweet, until at the end he will come to me while talking ‘look at my father, my money is not very little!’ ”

So each weekend, Welch began to listen to the Bible, a number of his friends helped explain each of the things contained therein, until Welch finally concluded leaving the band that had raised him.

“This decision will certainly make my colleagues angry. Make them confused. I created a decision at a time that was not quite right. We just came out of SONY, and we have not a bit of money, it’s okay to create my own album, but I want to prove to myself that money is not my god “he said. “I said with Jonathan (Davis) and he spoke ‘I do not understand you, we are all happy and able to be like this now because our band is a successful band’ actually I was about to reply ‘Know, a number of years later, when you went partying I alone sitting on the Bus Tour was about to commit suicide! ‘”

Welch also said that in the final days of his separation, he sought to reach his bandmates, but did not respond well. He drained his last day by saying Basis Korn Fieldy, even planning to help him create a new album, which reflects the development of faith in Christ. Fieldy then retreats regularly.

“I asked Fieldy to help make the album I made, but then he did not contact me anymore” said Welch. “I mean, I put on some music material around the last days in the band, a great lesson, but ever since I left Korn I have not heard from Fieldy”

The material of Welch’s solo album is not a Christian music, but he wants his music to complement the music for Korn Fans.

“I adore when Korn helped not a few kids to rise from their aggressiveness, but with the music I made, I want the kids to know that there are more valuable out there” he said “I want to show that there is light at the end of the aisle. there is a better difference than to be aggressive, I want to talk ‘hey nak, come here, let’s jump and be happy’ ”

On February 27, 2005, Welch recited his testimony at a service at the Valley Bible Fellowship. He is not merely a word, he wants to prove his sincerity. And he wants all his fans to understand the big changes in him.

Two months after saying in the Valley Bible Fellowship, Welch came home with a statement of repentance in three prayer events attended by more than 10,000 congregations. And each worship, not a few visitors who have not received Christ, advanced to the altar to accept Jesus as his personal savior.

“Brian has been touched by the living God and he accepted His call” Father Ron Vietti said in the third service.

“Dude, I still want to stand on the stage of the show, but there is something more that makes me want to change” he said “I mean, I want us all to pursue a new life, because that’s how I am now. Spiritual Baby in Christ “